Prince Edward Island 

I moved back home to PEI in December, I told myself I'd explore this island while living here for the next few months. I've been to a few spots so far and I am falling in love, sometimes it takes moving away and coming back to actually appreciate the place you grew up. A few of my favorite spots so far are: Auburn Woodlot, Mooney's Pond, Winter River + my absolute favorite is Cape Tryon, this place is majestic af. 

The Rocky Mountains 2.0 (2017)

I was missing the mountain life so I decided to move back for a bit to clear my head from the city hustle. 
I explored places I didn't get to see from the first time I lived there, three weeks in to living there I casually broke my knee cap followed by knee surgery. I had to move back home to PEI to properly recover so here are a few shots I was able to get <3

Toronto 2016-2017

I moved to Toronto without even visiting first! 
I fell in love with the city shortly after moving there, it's overwhelming with the activities you can do, the people you meet, hustle and be kind is what I learned from living there. 
Here are a few shots from my time living there. 

The Rocky Mountains 


I moved here when a friend of mine got a job in Nordegg, Alberta. 
He somehow talked me into moving across Canada with him, I left my life in PEI that year. 

I went through a lot when I first moved to the middle of nowhere in the Rockies, I have insane stories that you would have a hard time believing. We moved from Nordegg to Banff in July 2015 after unforeseen events, that's when I fell in love. Banff has a big piece of my heart.