Charlottetown! We are here for a few months and looking for people to partake in our project! 

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What’s your favourite recipe to cook in your instant pot?

Timothy : “Chicken soup. 10 minutes, right?!”

What is something you think you will regret in the future not starting now?

Timothy: “Following my dreams...whatever they may be!”

Do. Date. Dump - Adore . Katya . Thorgy Thor .

Timothy : “Do Adore - Danny has a cute butt🍑. Date Thorgy - neurotic but cute. Dump Katya - because, Katya. (Jk I ❤️ Katya)

Cardi B or Nicki Minaj + why?

Emily: “Nicki man, I’ve been a fan since ‘Beam me up Scotty’. she is a sellout but hood Nicki goes iiiinnnn!”

What’s your favorite part of journalism? 

Emily: “My favorite part is how different everyday is. I love covering weird stuff. My class is always asking where do you find these people!”

If you had to plan a day with Kayne West, what would you do? 

Emily: “I think I would ask him to coffee. I would love to talk about poetry and philosophy with him.”

Who is your fashion icon? 

Hillary: “I’ve honestly never had one! I get pieces of inspiration from different people - street style, celebrities, people in passing or 90s icons.”

What was the hardest part of the job while working on Dragon’s den? 

Hillary: “Working with a ton of people. Television involves a lot of bodies and a lot of personalities. Every single person counts in making the work happen when one person slacks, the whole team suffers. Teamwork is everything!”

If it was possible, who would you rather party with? Barbie or Hello Kitty? 

Hillary: “Oh, tough question! Probably Hello Kitty, she’s been my girl through the majority of life. Did you know Hello Kitty doesn’t have a mouth because she ‘speaks from the heart’?”

I started this project because I was constantly hearing people around me saying negative comments about themselves, things like "I'm not pretty" "I'm not photogenic" "I'm not this and that" you see yourself differently than others do, so I wanted to show people how beautiful they are inside and out. 

-Natalie Toombs

 IG: @_lvstfvl

Lustful : All walks of life; Beautiful 

What is a common misconception people have about your disability(s)? 

Rachel: "People think I'm too young to use a mobility device. People think my cane is for an injury. People mistake my rollator for a grocery cart. People think that as absolute strangers they can ask questions as though I'm a case study and not just a regular person trying to go about my day. It's intimidating sometimes"

What's the strangest thing you've ever put in your mouth? (Be honest!)

Ash: a cookie that was on the streetcar floor... or anything from the green room

Which is the hardest thing you had to do?

Rachel: "going to therapy and talking about past trauma and talking about how it's affecting me as an adult"

Would you rather be a human with a cat head or a cat with a human head?

Kelsi - I think I'd rather be a human with a cat head. Adorable big eyes, constant head scratches, and I'd still have opposable thumbs.

When did you start doing your own laundry?

Mikey: " When I first moved downtown in 2012. It was a great experience paying 1.50 per load and using a dryer that didn't fully work"

If you were in a porn flick, who would your costar be?

Hilary: "Aubrey Plaza and Donald Glover"

What's your favourite Wu Tang Album? Track? 

Delakidd: "That's a hard one. Lol. Narrowing it down, Enter The Wu-Tang, Protect Ya Neck. That track is raw af! 

What is the most adventurous thing you've ever done?

Esther:"go to Ireland with just a ticket and no plans"

Are you currently binge-watching anything?

Sarah: "I'm a little late, but I'm currently binge-watching greys anatomy, I'm only on season 6, 7 more to go"

What does your bf love most about you? 

Crystal: "As he would say 'that's so hard because the real answer is I love you for everything you are and that's what makes you who you are'

Jk: he loves my chins the most."

Have you ever kissed a cod?

Sian: "Duh. I kiss cod at breakfast, lunch and dinner. It's part of my daily routine"

As an actor, what would you consider your dream role? 

Rob: "Dope fiend fighter making a comeback to the ring"

What's your favourite thing about being Ollie's mom?

Andrea: "He sees beauty in everything and everyone. When he talks to people he really listens to them and it amazes me that he has that skill so young. I just love him."

If there was a drink named after you, what would be in it and what would it be called? 

Jodi: "'Don't Fuck with me, I'm a Jazzy Elf' It's a shot, 3/4 whiskey, 1/4 Amaretto "

What's your passion?

Jan: "I'm passionate about coffee every morning, about making people laugh, about buying ridiculous socks, let's say I'm passionate about living every second that I'm on earth, whatever I'm doing, I'm in constant change, in the place that I should be, being passionate about being me."

What's the best compliment you've ever received?

Ryan: "you're my moral compass"

What would you say has been your greatest accomplishment as an artist?

Shirley: "every time I get to create and share my work, are probably the best accomplishments. I'm just looking forward to where my art will take me and where it will end up and who I will share it with. But for now what I'm doing is great in itself."

What's the story behind the name 'AlphaCub'? 

Marc: "I could play the long game and tell you the actual story but I'm just gonna say 'man child' and leave it at that. My real name is Marc-Antoine and the letters 'M' and 'A' in the NATO alphabet are 'Mike' and 'Alpha'. I like baby bears and baby wolves. I'm sure you can see now how it went down. "

Did you have a nickname as a child? 

Andie: "my dad called me and the dog chowder head"

If you could jump in a pool of anything, what would it be?

Dan: " Better life choices "

Name one thing that you wouldn't change about yourself.

Cindybluwho: "I'm a weird human and life's more fun when you're weird. So that."

If you were invited on a lunch date with Kanye West and Donald Trump, what would you wear? 

Justin: "I would wear my PETA shirt."

Who inspires you? 

Andre: " Freddie Mercury, Clark Gable Also, my 'baba'. My dad means the world to me, this is his signature on my arm"

What cheers you up?

Jenni: "a joint"

1 secret or 1 thing you love about yourself?

"When I was young, I wanted to become a PRIEST!"

"I was going to marry another man in '78, so glad I didn't! Look who I got "<--

"I have an older half brother who is a family secret."

"My thumbs are double jointed."

"Both my feet are bleeding right now."

"Nobody knows this, but any opportunity I get to sing at the top of my lungs, I will. Even if it's for hours on end!"

"I had a great day today, but somehow I still feel like shit."

"I feel no guilt."

"I'll get back to you when I've got my life figured out."

"My lips are dry all the time because of the toothpaste I use (Crest)."

"Believe it or not, I can read people's emotions like a book. If I can see you're not in the best of moods, I'm there to cheer you up." 

"How come there are no winterized Flamingos, only tropical ones?"

"Through thick and thing, my heart always prevails."

"The ability to look a challenge in the face and laugh hysterically before taking it on."

"My love-hate relationship with my beard..."