Park Distillery (Banff)

I checked out Park with a pal the other day, I definitely recommend it. They have a sampling flight with six of their distilled spirits, we got one to split because we weren't looking to get wasted yesterday but I definitely want to go back to have day drinks. My favorite out of the flight was the espresso vodka, you need to be a coffee lover to enjoy this one (I drink my coffee bitter and black) They paired up with Banff Roasting co. using their espresso blend, there's 2oz per bottle, it's an 18 day steep time so you get a strong coffee taste, it also has notes of dark chocolate (perfect for an espresso martini amirite? They have tours daily of their distillery (that's in house) starting at 3:30, I didn't have a tour yet but I am going to go back so I'll give you an update! They are the only restaurant in Banff that has a rotisserie, so I grabbed the rotisserie chicken sandwich with a side salad. The sandwich was melt in your mouth delicious, 10/10 would do that again, the salad has strawberries and blueberries in it so that's another plus. The vibes are super chill there, the servers were knowledgeable, hit it up if you're in town! (This also have a bottle shop with other cute souvenirs as you're leaving)  

Amsterdam Brewhouse / Brewery  (Toronto)

I worked at this establishment while I lived in Toronto! It's located on the waterfront of downtown Toronto. I started off as a host and was promoted to serving, the money was right let me tell you..It was right because it is one of the busiest restaurants IN CANADA. 
In the summer this place is INSANE in the best way, there's line ups at both patios....yes both, two, TWO patios! They have a microbrewery that pumps out their 'Adventure Brews' which are seasonal beers, some of the beers that come out of this brewery are to die for, Here's a few of their Adventure brews that I love dearly: Boxer, Howl, Coffee Stout, La Cegua, Autumn hop. These beers typically make an appearance once a year depending on what the brewers create! They also have a line of beers that are produced in the brewery located in Leaside (N/S of downtown) You can get those beers at any LCBO or the beer store that is located at the brewhouse. They have a scratch kitchen that creates delicious wood oven pizza's (done in a wood oven shipped from Naples) my favourite pizza is the chicken & brie, it's rich and delectable, they have a cherrywood smoker as well! I could go on and on about this establishment (in the best way) but I don't want to give everything away, go check it for yourself! (If you're planning to do an event or rent out an event space this is your's two stories of beautiful architecture.  

Charlottetown Beer Garden (Charlottetown, PEI)

I had a small get together at the Beer Garden when I was in PEI, it was my first time checking out this location! 
This company (Red Island Hospitality Group Inc) is local and very personable, they also own Hunter's Ale House, John Brown Grille and The Factory. Steve Barber is one of the Co Owners, he will visit your table and make you feel at home. I didn't try any food when I visited the Beer Garden but I will next summer when I'm back on PEI! 
They have lots of beer on tap, from local microbrews to imported draught. The food menu has sharing options and baskets to choose from! It's definitely a place you can bring your friends and family!

Sugar Skull Cantina (Charlottetown, PEI)

I went to this restaurant a few months ago when I was visiting Prince Edward Island, it's MOUTHWATERING. 
It's hands down the best patio in Charlottetown, it's big, it's bright and it's perfect for people watching. Located in the heart of downtown Charlottetown, serving up 9 different kinds of tacos and a BUILD YOUR OWN Margarita menu! My friend got the Screaming Viking [ cucumber cilantro, gin with a black pepper salt rim ] and I ordered 34th & Fly [ Jalapeno watermelon, tequila and a lemon chili salt rim ]. We tried the Candied Yam taco and it made me come back for more! Sugar Skull is a seasonal location so you'll have to catch them in the summer time! I recommend this restaurant to everyone! They have amazing staff and local Chef Jane is the brains behind the operation so you know it's a creative menu! 

Gallant's shellfish & seafood (Prince Edward Island)

I went to Prince Edward Island this past summer, I shot a few promo shots for this local / independent Shellfish & Seafood company. They have everything from Oysters to full size lobsters and it's located in beautiful Stanley Bridge. You can catch them at the farmers market every Saturday in Charlottetown, their menu includes Crab Cakes, Freshly shucked PEI Oysters with homemade sauces and a delicious Seafood Quiche!